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Sunday, April 1, 2012

After the fun, back to reality

Taken last year during stormy weather
The meme in my last post was a bit of fun
and i think i needed that,
for there is still turmoil in my heart and life.
A movie, The Green Lantern, kinda got me started.
It pits will versus fear.
Human frailtyand the acknowledgement that we are full of fear,
to overcoming that,
but fear and will are not opposites.
Love (real Love, not what most people water down and call Love) is the opposition to fear and it does win - always.
Doubt and shadow can erode Love and allow fear to creep in
and me, i am still in that place.
Still battling the things that would steal that which is most important from me.
People do stupid things, but they are not my battle,
but sometimes i believe those things
and so think i am nothing,
They are lies and i must stuggle to beat them.
And then there is Love,
not selfish,
wanting only the best
and not to do harm.
I seek this,
i thirst for this.

I guess i got a bit deep after being so lite.
This is life tho, it can not always be a struggle,
it can not always be lite.
It must be a mixture of both
or it is not a life.
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