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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taking Risks

I can not lose weight.
It is because i find great comfort in preparing and eating the food i prepare.
It is not super fatty, but it would not be considered low calorie.
My Doctor, the one who looks after my vision and head, worries about me cooking...
because i am using things that i could hurt myself with because of my vision.
Of course i think i take great risks each day i work where i do.
I think the danger is greater.
I am stubborn and willful
and i have tackle my issues head on.
I do not dance around them.
For severla days, i have been driving solo.
In the morning, when there is not a lot of traffic.
i did it ...
with ease.
I took my self off of driving because i did not trust my vision.
I am trusting my insticts to be careful more.
I will not be taking the car to work...
the end of the day is much too draining for me to try it,
but for short hops,
I think i can.
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