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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Easter for most of the western world will be on Sunday, but not yet for us "Orthodox" Christians. 
The difference is all about the moon phase and changing calanders, but it is not a big deal - at this time i celebrate this one, with a smaller celebration next week.
I think it is good to bring to rememberance all that has past, in church history and in my own life, so this is a difficult time because i am remembeering times and things from last year when i could barely think.
Some one sad to me the pain never passes, it just suck at little bit less each daay.
There is truth to that, people pass on and so we no longer see them here, but they are always present in our hearts and our actions.
I have decided today will be a day where i go through more "stuff" of my mom's.
Pictures will bring back memories and memories are not bad, but very good.
So it really is a good Friday.
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