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Sunday, May 6, 2012


A real question when it comes to cooking...
My most requested item to bring when going over to others for dinner is my Greek inspired corn bread.
It is complicated.
Prep time take 45 minutes.
You seperate and beat eggs,
whip butter
fold in the corn meal...etc...
Then you bake for 40 minutes, but it is incredible.
I have never tasted cornbread like this, very light and airy.
It is inspired by a recipe from Greece, a nut cake (Karidopida), but who invented this?
Who figured out that only this way everything would be so light and fluffy,
even with nuts in it, you would eat it and want more.
I guess the why is self evident, it is out of this world in taste!

I get many request, brisket is the next most requested and it can take 12 hours or more,
but the why...we could just go out somewhere, but there is something special to cooking and serving.
I guess that is why.
I got a good picture of the moon Friday, before the clouds took over.
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