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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

i am not done

This requires careful thought,
carefully placed words.

I have not been silent because of problems,
but maybe because of the potential of resolutions.
The results from the new scan
and blood work
tell me something that makes me think,
in a good way,
that my "Adventure" may be coming to a close.

It is not that i am strong,
for i am without a doubt weak,
fearing discomfort and pain.
It is from my weakness that i draw strength.

I shall not bulldoze my way to health,
but it shall come lightly,
as a butterfly lands upon a flower.

Do i call on God for Strength?
Of course i call on God,
but not for strength,
but patience,
for in waiting i shall be found.
Certainly i can wait 6 months for this.
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