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Saturday, June 9, 2012


in the process of tapping this unusual portion of my brain, i have particularly learned from Erin that all life may be expressed in the song of poetry.

I woke last night, cold and damp, struggling just to take a breath.
The thought came and went - Is this my time, this way?
As i gasped for air, i knew i was not dome,
but i was miserable.
I feel so fragile since the beginning of this "Adventure" that i have been on.
I single misstep could be my last.
My own mortality seems always very present,
but this means each breath is still more precious.
So allergies and a miserable cold brought me to this?
I rest today, taking much vitamin C to kick start my immune system.
I still am hot and cold, with the hot being the preferred.
There is much beauty around me...

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