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Saturday, June 16, 2012


my mom and dad and me - at less than 1 year old.
The day started innocently enough,
with no thought of tomorrow
or of any significance thereof.
A neighbor asks me;
"well you know about how special tomorrow is, right?"
I draw a blank.
It does not dawn on me at all.
I ask him if it is his birthday
and he replies that it is father's day and all his sons and daughter - in - laws will be over - tomorrow.
I replied a hollow "oh."  I do not celebrate that any more.

Not that i still do not honor my other and father, daily.
Full knowing there foibles and difficulties.
They did the best they could
They loved me and i love them still.

Another close friend had a child when she was young, but left him when he started using drugs.
The child was not a mistake, the man was.
but of course. since it is "father's day"  The man wants to see his son and is giving her grief.
it is my understanding,
 through court records i have seen,
 that the man owes more than $10,000 in back child support.
And he wants to see his son, who he does not support, on father's day.

For some reason, i think not.
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