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Saturday, June 16, 2012

post 3 in one day

I must be relaxing,
Garden work,
painting (outside construction stuff),
and now this...
It has been a beautiful day
and if i never said this before -
I have a very strange sence of humor.
I left the following note for those in the house so they knew where i was:

Of course, initially i misspelled "nekid" and i really did not go that way,
but i felt free enough.
The walk allowed me to contemplate some things:
I have started with a physical therapist to try to help my balance.
You know a doctor is good when not only do they tell you what you know,
but also show you something you never suspected.
The obvious:  IWas the conclusion that i am at risk of falling.
Yes, i knew that because i do so regularly.
My legs are strong.
but there is a weakness in my left leg - i never suspected.
I lose balance when i turn my head one way or another, I knew,
but there was an idea that i might change the way i do that so as to keep my balance -
i tried what was suggested and was pleased to see it helped.
I am going to grill a leg of lamb tomorrow.
Note grill, not smoke, lamb does not do well smoked,
Of course i am setting it up with my lamb rub :
Dried mint, galic, oregano and salt.
I'll make my lemon/mint sauce tomorrow.
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