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Thursday, July 19, 2012

i had a really bad day

And i am excited by ti.
It started of well,
with me feeling good all around.
The first bit at the PT for balance was good,
showing improvement in all areas.
Then we tried something that we touched on last time.
It was something i did not like,
doing head/eye movement on targets against a patterened backgound.
It did something,
something awful, that i could not describe.
I had to sit down for a minute afterwards.
I go back to work
and even though i can see the elevator button clearly, i miss it.
At work i do a few things
and answer a few questions and i realize I am unable to comprehend what i am looking at.
I leave.
I rest at home, but the patterned backgound still keeps overwelming my vision.
I realize that all my comlaints about work hinge on this issue.
There are dots on patterened backgrounds everywhere in my job.
there are optical illusions at every part of my work,
they degrade, not my vision or clairity of vision, but my mind and my ability to percieve!
An answer i have been searching so hard for so long
may have come through a very difficult day.
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