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Sunday, July 8, 2012


all mixed up tonight.
Thoughts flying everywhere.
I was "grillFather" at the picnic yesterday.
Save for some rice dish some one else brought,
I thought the food was good and safe,
but rice problem education goes back to the beginning of my start at the health department,
so i tend to be cautious about that.
Discussion later that evening and several nights before concerning why i am not married.
At least at this point in my life I know that:
1) i am not desperate
2) do not want children ('cept if someone has some already)
3)will not compromise the way of life or attitude of life that i have
4)Do not believe any relationship creates and "ownership"
5) I am very cognizant of how much care i need and
some of the side effects of my surgery are difficult to deal with.
Back to the picnic - there were leftover meats that i recommended be discarded - I know this is hard because when you have little, you do not want to discard anything.
I received a call from my friends daughter, who is visiting India for 2 months - i think she is missing this place.
Sadly, i am also thing about work and what has to be done.
It was a rough Friday and i am not looking forward to Monday.
Enjoyed Kelly's Heroes today on TV,
but i look forward to an early sleep.
Also more Doctor appointments, maybe i will remember to ask if they consider me disabled.
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