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Saturday, July 7, 2012

sanctuary for reflection

I have created this place
for my body and mind and soul and spirit.
Here i reflect.
It is best don in the mornings.
I do Eye exercises also,
but that is an incidental.
reflections on the flowers
and the birds
and the vegetables forming.
A doctor visit that did not bring me satisfaction,
or maybe it is a beginning.
Thinking of the Tomatoes forming
and my mind drifts to my mom,
memories of things we shared,
things she loved:
garden tomatoes,
sparrows and other wild birds.
A quiet place to sit.
So much emotion - it is good,
but it does not feel good.

Thought of cooking:
a neighbor has a birthday party for her son.
I get to pre-cook chicken for a barbecue -
The cautious Health Department Chemist blends with the outlandish home cook.
The large quantities of chicken are half (or a bit more) season by my neighbor,
half by me.
The chicken will be safe and good.

A secret about the corn bread recipe - after it is done,
place 1 quarter stick of butter, sliced thin all over the top and let it melt.
This does something outrageous.

Yes, cooking is therapy,

i get to impart part of myself to others.

Reflections of Thursday Evening's sky
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