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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Safe House

Usual i have little access to a computer while away, this is an exception

Day 1

I am away,
but in a safe palce.
A place of comfort,
surrounded by things,.
both spiritual.and physical,
that bring me peace.
from all the turmoil of the past weeks.
No work and away,
but it intrudes into my thoughts and my email.
I chase it away
as with a broom;
sweeping clean my mind.
I am in the company of my community,
my family.
Their demands on me
are that i be.
Oh, i will get to do as well,
but to be is the greatest gift.

It is not strange,
but there are certain people,
that i have left behind,
that i miss greatly.
They should be here with me.
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