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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Turmoil in peace

Day 2

There is a work going on,
I cannot live in this peace forever.
The struggle,
the fight,
for my very life,
for living,
gives me purpose.
For at the edge of my being is an abyss,
a place where i want to go,
where there is no struggle,
but it is an ending, not a begining
or perhaps a beginning that i do not understand.
When i am out of this struggle,
it pulls on me even stronger;
than when i am fainting and weary
from the struggle that i have been in.
Not yet, I say,
but my aimlessness is strong.
This is not helpful
and the abyss calls me even stronger.
Love calls,
but i am missing it,
it deflects off of my heart
and i do not know why.
More info comes
 and a glimmer of purpose comes,
but i must be patient,
still again.

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