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Friday, August 24, 2012

a little liteness

As i struggled today with work,
mistakes evident only to me,
but only because no one else knows or cares...
I had some light hearted face book discussion
with a blogger and food blogger (foodie if you must).
No i will not go there,
my reviews here maybe on the positive and negative of how people handle things,'but rarely a real restaurant review.
I cook and form those who taste and eat my food (not just the captive audience in my house),
i do a darn good job.
I have a strange background - grew up in Texas with the smoked beef and Tex-Mex food galore,
but it was also the South, so i was very familiar with things like collards and even gumbo.
Some how this adventure of mine awakened a sleeping giant deep down.
I grill and BBQ with the best of them.
Because it was Houston, seafood was plenty,
but then there is more to my heritage because my mom was Greek - and i can put together a mean Baklava at the very least
and mt dad was country French, growing up in Alsace - which has a German flair to it.
I can cook these
and as i said, if you take the word or others first,
I cook well.So if i go to a restaurant, i will compare to what i can do
and most times i am disappointed
because the restaurant must cook a high volume and things do get lost.
And then there is the issue of working at a Health Department for 33 years -
i know way too much.
I know the mistakes that are made and served.And i am an analyst - i can taste them.
So there will be no food/restaurant blog coming here,
instead go to OmNomCT for really good food / restaurant reviews.
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