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Sunday, August 26, 2012

a sunday walk through town

It was a beautiful day for a walk, so i took David with me.
There are so many things to discover, but i had purpose.
I had been looking for a Food Mill for sometime,
ever since my least favorite (because i actually dislike her) Food Network cheif, Anne Burrell,
used it and i was impressed.
The way i shop, is i look things up, find them on line and then go to the store.
I know the online price (which usually includes shipping) and i need to see an item before i buy.
Where ever it is cheaper, i buy and that is what i did today.
Additionally, David needed to just get out.
Additionlly, i get to walk downtown Stamford and pass by restaurants.
If OmNomCT wonders why i do not aften post about restaurants - here it goes:
mary ann's stamford has been cited numerous times for having the windows open with out sliding the screens into place.
The windows were open, with no screens - true Mexican experience, complete with flies!

Then there was Barcelona, which has expensive air blowers to keep the same vermin out of the restaurant and kitchen and they were not on.
It was a beautiful and warm day, so the insects were swarming - it bothers me and now you know wy i do not post about restaurants.
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