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Monday, August 27, 2012

two mothers

one at that "twilight" place between life and death,
the other passed for a yeaar and a half...
David, who mother has been in  a severe Alzhimer's state for 5 years,
not recognizing anyone of her children for those 5 years,
suddenly recognizes David's voice over the phone and calls his name.
He Cried that deep sob, that only comes from that deep place of the soul of missing someone.
He will be traveling to see her, perhaps one last time tomorrow.
Last night in a strange dream,
where i was walking in Stamford and had to make a turn because of the crowds,
found my self in my home town of houston, Texas, in front of my old house.
What a strange site it was, coered in snow,
with a bunch of old cars in the drive.
My mom came and said, no one else likes it this way, but i do.
Then; "I have a plan for getting rid of these cars, it is all written down."
I woke, realizing how much i miss her and it took an hor and a half to fall asleep again.
two mothers, giving their sons a gift, still.
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