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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


David - some what disabled,
with brain trauma from birth,
lives as part of our spiritual community, in our household.
As in all relationships, things are not always perfect,
but there is commitment to stick together.
To me, it is better than a marraige and as some one noted, probably the reason why i have never married.
But it is not tht simple, so i will digress a moment and explain, that i would have, if
I had found some one to share my life and values
(there were two such people, who both died of disease early in life).
Now back to the story:
Early on, we had a teaching (and one i think i learned),
A joy shared is twice the joy,
a burden shared is half the burden.

So at this time, i am sharing Dave's burden,
as he has shared mine many times.
There will be times again of joy,
and fun
and even play.
That is how to live life, to take every thing that is given and thrown at us
and share it.

That is the life i live, there is nothing like it in the world.
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