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Sunday, October 14, 2012


this follows me,
this haunts me.
It stalks me and tries to do its worse,
but people are in my lives,
they keep telling me what the truth is,
it is not the same thing discouragement tells me.
It is defeated.
Today my inspiration started with Joel Osteen,
It reminds me that i never can see the whole picture,
but that thing do work together for good.
I believe that,
i need to be reminded constantly
because that stalker i mentioned earlier,
it does not say these things
and it takes the smallest things to wreak its havoc.
Another friend helped more,
reminding me that what i do is some for me
and some for those closest to me.
And after that,
nothing else matters.
I have a lot of people close to me
and they all matter very much.
all they need to do is receive it.
I find some of my worth in helping others less fortunate than i,
or may be fortunate in other ways than i.
So looking at things in the former
each of us has something to give each other
so that we are all of equal fortune.
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