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Saturday, October 13, 2012

It is chili out

And today is the Chili cook-off,
but this is not a post about this,
it is a post about discouragement..
I did not like the continuation of
Doctor visits
and more tests
and no answers,
especially not the answers that I wanted.
When faced with discouragement,
with waiting
and wanting,
I try to figure thing out.
My intellect is not so great as to truly know what is best,
the variables are too great,that i believe even
 Einstein or Steven Hawkins
 would be daunted by them.
 i go on,
finding a peace,
stilling my heart
(with help of course)
to listen for that still small voice.
So often we go to a place
and know that it is not up to us
and then we try to take it back,
go back to the fire
or the wind
or the earthquake
and that is Not how it should be.
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