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Thursday, November 15, 2012

a way out

it is not enough,
you feel with those who suffer
and either you distance yourself and feel sympathy for
and are then truly condensing
or are drawn down into the same muck that they are in.
Okay at least you have company, right?
But it does not help...

There is another way...

The pessimist says "Cheer up, it can only get worse!"
The optimist: "cheer up. it can only get better!"

but there is still another way
where the glass is neither half full or half empty,
it is a glass with liquid in it.

That you feel the pain and the discomfort
and yet you know that even the worst of it,
works together for good.

It is a nonsensical view,
one that makes no sense to those looking in.

It is the only way out

as i heard so often...

through the belly of the whale!
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