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Monday, November 5, 2012

it is a birthday after all

yes, coming this Friday
and it is important in that i am now at an age i can retire...
and i amm.
Otherwise, i do not want others to do anything fo me,
rather, i am taking a day off to cook...
Maybe a smoked form of pernil - depending on the temperature
and a small gathering of friends and family.
I do not want gifts...
the biggest one i have is those that will be at by home,
save a few that are out of state...
I will hear from them also, i know.
When i was 33, for my birthday,
i bought everyone a small gift that i thought they would like,
turing things on their heads so to speak.
I will not be doing that this year, maybe my 66th,
but this year i just want people near me.
Nothing outrageous...
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