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Friday, November 9, 2012

the manner of my living

today is my birthday
and for it i did a number of things:
1) i did not go to work, they must learn to do it without me.

2)I washed my bed sheets - i get to sleep on clean sheet tonight!.

3) i went to a doctor appointment/consultation for somethings i do not want to do, but have enough people saying i should do it, that i will.

4) while at the appointment i stopped by the rehabilitation area that i spent 1.5 mounts in after the operation 4 years ago.  This is about the time i left it and i have not been back since.  It was time.

5)I am cooking - my own version of Pernil, roasted buttnut squash, corn bread and escarole.  there are a few extra people coming over for dinner, but it is the cooking that is important.

6) I have not napped and when i am nt working, this is normal.

7) I visited a friend, always a good thing cause i got to see her laugh.

This is a good day, i did what i needed, faced my challenges head on,  did something a bit over due, but difficult, did some thing special and kept in touch with important people.
This was a very good day.
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