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Sunday, November 11, 2012

its a bit past 7, but it feels like 9

yea, i am not into this whole time change thing,

Yesterday, i left my reading glasses over a friend,
where i had been trying to help her with a dead computer,
but that is a story for later.
So i was by default without a computer.
The reading glasses have significantly less prism and let me see well within 2 feet.
The regular glasses give me good single vison from 3 feet to?.
The question has to the day and how i am doing etc... 
It can be as little as 20 feet to good day, over a mile.

So catching up, i have heard with sadness the reactions to the election...
to those who claim to be Christian, and it seems there are many  I must ask the question:
aren't we suppose to pray for who ever is in power in government?
And Isn't God still on the throne?
Or did your own desires supersede that?
To the others who spew so much anger and hate -
it is to your demise, not the current presidents, that you have this anger.

On to more rants - i have been working with windows 8 on my friend's computer
and never have i seen such a worthless (Expletives deleted) of software, ever.
I did mange to "hack" it to install an older program (by installing an older.obsolete .net file),
but by an large this new interface seems to be no more than a ploy to make persons buy all new software.

To more pleasant news, the weather has been mild
and because there is a certain level of patterning that occurs fro November 9th -
i must predict a milder winter in my part of the world (New England).

I do not think i wish to be involved with computers or chemistry after i retire,
I will stick to cooking!
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