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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

dreams of...

cooking for my family and friends,
of seeing the same, single image, with and with out my glasses,
Of sharing the secrets to long relationships that work...

This is all good
and they happened
and happen
all through last night.

Cooking has been a recurrent theme as of late,both for now and for the hereafter..

Taking of my glsses
and seeing the same, single image a 3 feet away...
that was a treat, especially since i had just expresed by doubts of such a thing ever happening.

And the thing about relationships -
oh for people who do not know,
it is always work,
there is constant forgiveness
and disscussions
and meeting the other in places we did not know.
and it goes back to cooking,
to know what a perso likes and serving it to them, even if it is not what i like...

it was all good.
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