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Sunday, November 4, 2012

off and on

Ill for a week with a viral thing that got my pharnex,
knowing my time here is not done, yet.
Finding things that i still must work on.
(Ah, but don't we all have that one more thing...).
Watching what happened around me
and what happened in NY and New Jersey.
I believe i am overwelmed,
I wish to shut down,
to no speak
or even breath,
but i do.
My eyes start moving around, making it difficult to see
when such things are present.
Yes I am okay,
things do work for the best,
In ways that we can not understand or imagine.
We see the underside of a tapestry,
with all the strings and knots and untidiness,
but that is not what it really looks like.
We only see the work that brings the picture together on top.
That is okay.
We will get through this...
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