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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday, cold Saturday

the air is clear,
the sun is bright,
there is not a cloud in the sky...
yet i sit here,
huddled in my room,
with heat,
for to me, this 40 degrees outside is cold.
I read the thoughts and feeling
of those in the blog sphere
and i think of those (so many it seems) near.
those who are going through so much,
it breaks my heart,
tho the difficulties have not touched me.
4 or 5, struggling,
with a cold that is not from temperature...
one who works without getting paid,
3 who struggle with partner relationships,
one who works so much, he looks half dead.
And there is me,
my struggles pale in comparison to those near me who lost their homes.
This should be near a time of joy and rejoicing,
of celebration and peace.
Those seem far away for so many people...
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