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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Almost limbo

Am i dead?
or just sleeping,
without dreams.

But there was sound and light and peace in that one experience i had.
And now there is a slight uneasiness in my spirit.

then there was nothing but overwhelming peace and comfort.

So this is life,
and i am not asleep,
but rather awake,
still pondering the direction i mist go.

There are noises
and dreams
and people "yammering" trying to disturb those dreams.

Directionless i drifted for awhile,
knowing what i did for so many years,
was no longer important.

A new direction awoke in my heart,
there are many who say it can not be done.
I know it will be.

Such is my confidence in this strange place i find my self,
almost limbo, but not quite.
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