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Sunday, December 9, 2012


I dream often
and i remember many times.
Sometimes they are meaningless, simple dreams
brought about by a movie or show.
Other times they are of life and its consiquenses
and those can be troubling and keep me up at night.
Still others tells me of the interscetion of people in my life,
foretelling, perhaps what my heart sees,
but i can not tell my waking mind.

For me,
I know a bit
and what i know is that this life is brief
and each intersection with another is important.
Life is too short to be wasted by bitterness
or jelousy.
We all want, but we do not have,
because we ask for wrong things.
(a paraphrase from James).
I do not want any destruction for another,
i only wish for good.

For me, i wish for peace in my heart
and a few moments of happiness.
To do kindness when i can.

To be angry, but never bitter.

To love fully.

And not to cause trouble for another.

This is what my heart wants,
but at times it is a struggle.
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