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Saturday, December 8, 2012

preparation of my heart

i have been a bit off as of late,
the struggles were not of the norm,
rather i had put up a shell, my shell of "mind"
and i have a good one.
To protect my self from feeling,
but it is powerless to protect myself from fear
and fear was crashing at my gates.
Fear and angst,
but this is not a post about fear,
rather one of love,
Love, the opposite of fear.,
For love may be angry,
but not fearful.
The soft and open heart,
shining with love,
defeats all fear.

I make them regularly,
for i am only human.
When intellect begins to reign,
i tend to make more.

A person who drowns,
may instead drown the person sent to save them.
The insecurity of another creates a minefield,
that may be set off with a word.
Silence may cut like a knife
and is deafening.
Walls are put up,
demands are made,
because of still another's insecurities.
But this is not a post of others,
but of my heart,
closing down and letting my mind rule.
It has never been good at that,
it does not feel,
only calculates.

The heart calms the drowning person so that they may be saved.
Love steps through a mine field,
confident and does not need to speak a word.
Compassion comes against silence,
like no noise ever could.
And walls always come down with a word of love.

My mind likes to be in control,
but my heart knows better!
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