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Monday, April 1, 2013

sharing lessons

Just coming out of my operation,
some 4 and a half years ago,
I saw bright lines,
connecting us together,
those closest to me,
were brightest.
I realized that we all share a connection,
whether we recognize it,
or not.
the other night i had a dream,
it was of no consequence,
for details were missing,
but i left me with a profound sense of loneliness, when i awoke.
i remember when i felt that always
and even now,
there are those times...

But we all feel this
and i have some friends who are felling this intensely at this moment,
but sharing words does not help.
Doing things does not help,
tho i wish i could do a million more things.
Just being there seems to help best.

I remember, going into the operation,
how intensely frighten i was of my own death.
And all the things that happened,
even death for but a moment,
i noticed that i was no longer afraid.
It was if to say,
there is nothing more or worse that can be done to me
and i survived
and i lived
and i recovered.
I hear people talk of their great fears,
all of what is unknown.
It beats them down,
all of those fears.
And i say do not worry,
but it has a hollow ring for them.
They have yet to know,
I can only be in my attempt to help.

There are things that i do not like,
winter is one,
but it is passing,
the sun is out,
trees are beginning to bud
and new life may begin to seep into our souls.

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