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Monday, April 8, 2013

when a freind is in need

In one sense,
there seem to be many crises in the people around me.
It effects me because i believe i hold a piece of them in my heart.
There are times i wish to "fix" things,
but that is not a role to play for me.
I am to be with them,
do what i can,
comfort them
and just be for them.
It is actually the most difficult thing i have ever attempted.
TO be, so they do not feel alone.
To stand with them,
sometimes doing just little things,
that seem to be sheltering them from the storm.
I want to stop the storm,
but that is beyond me
and it is right that it is.
To hold their hand,
So that even tho they are afraid,
they are not afraid alone.
To speak words of comfort
and do what ever i can
and no more.

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