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Thursday, May 2, 2013

they are in my life

flowing in and out of my mind,
like wraiths or
a hunger.
Those past and those present, but not before me,
invade my mind,
not as a malevolent force,
 but as one beckoning me...
saying, "remember me!  I am here!"
In conversation with others they come,
so i know that they are in my heart, my sol.
A piece of me
and so i i know their struggles and hopes intimately.
We have never been "one",
yet this is so much more intimate.
There is sweetness of knowing a person's heart and soul,
 that can not be replaced by anything else.
There is joy in knowing that you can touch them,
 when they are in trouble by doing the simplest things.
Yes we can be connected,
with bright lines of light shinning,
if we so choose.
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