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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


In the past few months, i have attempted to improve my overall health.
Doing more has brought its own stress, but also a special reward.
I started in February at 245 pounds!  yes, you heard correctly,
i was badly over weight.
I also was at a point of not caring.
My blood sugars were averaging in the 140's to 160's first thing in the morning, but not going too high even after eating.
Today, i am 200 with a goal of 190 before the summer end...
and my blood sugar?  Today it was 99, the best in many months with averages about 120.
I do not think i changed that much in my eating habits, but then again, maybe i did!

The wild weather , a very wet and periodically hot June has brought molds and mildews out in basements and crawlspaces and damp closets.
Now molds may trigger an asthma type response, but they also may have a hallucinogenic effect on people.
I had some heavy exposure for a few days and my mood did go south (even though there was cause also).
benadryl helped and removing the exposure also.

Better times are coming~i hopw!

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