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Friday, July 26, 2013


I have listen closely to the learned ones;
on their dissertations on what the "world" is
and on "sin"
and on death.
I think they missed the mark,
shot wide
for the world is about power,
of countries and over people,
I want no part of that.
Violence and death is ll it brings.
Manipulation and scheming and lies.
Sin, the opposite of Loving your neighbor as yourself.
Separation, from each other, from God.
We do not want to work together with each other nor God...
this is a great loss!
We all prefer our own needs and wants first,
but each of us can be connected, if we let it.
Death, not a finality,
but something which frees us from the confines of this world
and allows our souls to be free of our bodies.
It is something to look forward to, not shirked away from.
Yes, i am being "spiritual" here,
but we all are,
even tho we often deny it.
not a word i started with,
but one i choose to live in.
The beginning of what is to come.

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