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Friday, July 19, 2013


Here i sit,
actually dark and defeated for a moment.
You have your life,
i have mine.
For brief moments we met
and it is very sweet,
bt soon the two different lives move us apart
and we say so long for now.
My heart has lived this so many times
and probably so many more.
I am cast aside,
so you think,
but it is not the truth.
It is only that our lives no long meet
and lingering would bring an end to both.

I must add more,
for tho i feel aloe,
(so many times now),
I know i am not alone
and never have been.
I stay to the path that i am called to,
it is not an easy path
and there are people with me,
but it seems like so few. so few.
I wish for a few more,
but it is their choice,
not mine
and i can not force this upon any one.
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