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Saturday, July 27, 2013

what ifs

What if we could truly reach deep to each other
and share our being with each other?
We seem so restricted with various things;
the DO NOTs top the list,
but then anger
and jealousy
and fear follow closely behind
with pride and envy,
all separating us from each other.
I want to reach deep into your soul and touch you,
with out pretense,
without lies,
 just to enjoy who you are.
I can what a life time for this yet again,
i can not live with out it.
We try,
but we still have not touched each others as we need.
Our fathers and mothers,
as close as they are,'have not reached there.
When they go on,
we miss even the closeness we were given with them,
tho there will be a time to rejoin.
Yet what we miss is still not enough.
The deep of my sol yearns for this,
maybe soon...
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