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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Six weeks of being the helper...
grocery shopping
for another who was on the mend.
It took its toll.
I was very tired,
sleeping early,
but waking early as well.
They have taken major steps forward and my burden for them is relieved.

who i count of one of a very few selected persons
whom i would trust with my heart and life,
but not for me, they were in a different relation and now they have taken a hiatus,
a vacation, a holiday so to speak and are away.
I am comforted in that this is good for them, but difficult for me.
Obviously i miss the daily conversations and the 2 children, especially the percious 1 and a half year old.
I am now recovering from that,
working around the house, painting cleaning.
More still to do.

Finally after 5 years i have found some one who does deep tissue theraputic massage on my neck and feel the difference.
It is all part of recovery.
It is all part of healing.

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