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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It is still July

But this morning,
it feels like late August...
Cool mornings (for me)
and warm days.
Things always change and how we flow with changes,
marks how much we have learned.

I still struggle with the things that have happen since my operation,
they do not make my life easy.
Change may be for the better,
but it is not necessarily easy.
Eye sight and balance remain issues.

Relationships change also,
but when that change is not full of drama and negativity,
it is easy to accept.
When a relationship is founded on something greater,
there is no ending
and not even death may end it,
so what is a few miles?

I carry so many in my heart,
some who are long past,
some who have only moved for a bit.
I find great comfort in each one
and i am constantly surprised by their strength.

So the cool morning continue,
with a promise of warmth later on.
How similar is this to our relationships here.

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