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Monday, July 29, 2013

but wait, there's more

i have know for a long time, that the person who i kind of look after (and many times, he looks after me as well) and who has brain damage from birth; is affected by many things.
he can go into a fog if his allergies act up too much, or if it is too hot (but not too cold).
If his blood sugar is too low (never too high, but he has hit in the 40's several times in the last few weeks, and his doctor is not concerned).
Emotional things (like the passing of his mother last year, and who would not have issues with that?) or a sister having issues at her home.
It does not quite work in exactly the same way as with most people, so i keep tabs on him, keep him active, challenge him often and thing work out.
I always thought he was different,
I am not so sure any more because i think the same goes on with me and others, but in each a very different way.
Ah, that makes sense because we are not the same (no matter what western medicine says!).
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