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Friday, August 9, 2013


my first awakening is to brewing coffee,
i would wake anyway,
but the smell of coffee awakens me...slightly.
I slowly make my way down stairs,
i do not stumble for i walk carefully.
The first cup is pour; straight black.
I go on to the porch
and am surrounded by the early morning
and all the plants.
It is raining
and humid
and just the slightest bit cool.
To me that is, low 70's.
We had Houston type weather a week or so back,
temperatures reaching the 100's during the day
and i and no one else,
loved it.
This is more typical, except there is a strongish breezy blowing.
My eyes close as i sip my cup of coffee, slowly.
Thoughts of the people i love stumble into my barely awake conscious
and i am thankful for each one.
Each with their own struggles and difficulties to handle.
I wish i could help them all,
but know i can not.
It is early, but there are a few getting ready for work.
Quietly they move passed me on the street.
I take another sip.
The birds are always active
and this is good weather for them.
I sit quietly until my coffee is done and i awake for the second time,
to my life and the daily decisions i must make.
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