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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

it is early morning again

 i love those early morning porch coffee time.
i am almost completely uninterrupted
and my mind wanders freely,
How little people understand me,
that was my thought today,
my needs,
my wants,
my, my ,my.
I broke the train before it got too far.
This is not a time for me,
it is time that few people have;
it is a time of quiet,
it is a time of peace,
selfish reflections do not bring peace.
My soul quiets itself and so i move on.

To reflections that despite my eyesight,
and glasses
and living in an urban area,
i saw a meteor last night.

I thought of the ribs that i cooked and shared last night.

The best?
Playing a short game of catch with an eleven year old neighbor!
That was divine!

the slight interruptions this morning are pleasant,
a mother and child and dog, out early enjoying just being out for a moment.
a good morning for an instant from inside.

There are questions, of course;
simple ones, like what do i prepare for dinner tonight?
More important ones on different relationships
and concerns
and struggles that i witness.
Direction on what and how to do something or
just how to start something that is deep in my heart.

Those deep things surprise people,
they are unexpected
and they are good and as far as i can tell pure.

It will be a good day.

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