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Friday, September 27, 2013

pushing again

Autumn has sparked something in me,
maybe it is like the squirrels,
hurry, hurry, winter comes!
But i enjoy autumn,
the colors the smells,
the cool, not cold.
Crispness in the air and most of all,
the fall cooking!
Inside, bringing the smells indoors to make us happy.
I experiment at this time;
a dessert chili,
pork carnitas,
soups and strews...
all wonderful in the smells!
The garden is giving the last of its gifts
and i use them and preserve them with great abandon.
This is all about heart
and life.

I push my self yet again,
to do and regain lost contacts.
I am fine and enjoy this time!

A special shout out to Erin!

i was part of a mime from Granny Annie and it was a pay it forward mime.
So the first 5 persons who respond, i want a way to contact you so i can send 5 items to you.
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