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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

challenging the "walls"

many times in the past few years,
i am placed in situations where my limitations seemed to overwhelm me.
They become walls,
with no doors or windows.
It is this time,
i begin to feel trapped,
sorry for my self
and finally depressed.
I am not old,
yet when this happens,
i feel more limited than someone with 30 more years.
As a true depression settles in
and the self pity kicks in,
i still do NOT question "why me?"
and NO bitterness comes in.
I settle in,
i do something.
I remember multiple things,
not the least is the old saying:
"I cried because i had no shoes,
until i saw the one who had no feet."
i pick myself up
and i stand
and i do something.
While the list of what i can not do is long,
it has an end.
What i can do?
that list is limitless.
Light breaks into my heart,
the darkness goes away,
and once more,
i sing,
i do,
i create.
Oh those dark times will come again,
but the light times are far greater and will outshine and outlast any darkness.
So i challege the walls
and they come down.

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