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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The way home, West Virginia
My path,
as of late,
feels like this painting.

i have felt "off" the past few days,
okay, we can call it weeks
or even months.
I am still this very weak person,
who knows little,
but feels a lot.
The feels are almost overwhelming
and they are followed by dreams and visions.
A birthday passed,
but the question has been...
is it my last?
Why do i think so.
and thinking so is not unpleasant.
I am not sick,
do not feel poorly
and yet...
there are the bare trees speaking to me.
Whispering quietly.
Each day i live,
as if it is my last
and that means an enjoyment that is not surpassed.
Not my style ,
to rhyme like that,
yet i did.
Taking care of things i must,
is ten years
or tomorrow?
i do not know.
Will a typhoon or tornado devour me?
Or some crazy drive run me down?
do any of us know those answers?
My brain skips a beat
and i forget what i was doing.
My heart still is learning lessons though
and that gives me more comfort.

I wish for some one to hold me down
or bring me back.
ground me and keep me safe,
i do not feel "safe".
I share this at times
and people are not able to deal,
but i must.
No more to say,
but much to do.

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