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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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in this space,
i have taken the time to share,
 all the different things that go on with
all the different struggles i have,
the pain,
the joy,
new directions,
passion and
all my emotions,
but who i am is not defined by these things or events.
There is deep history in my life,
some 38 years of history
and that is the community i am a part of.
In some sense it is small,
but there have been great things done anyway.
Out of a Episcopal community church in Houston, Texas,
The Church of the redeemer.
The church is no more,
but the community is in many places across the world.
Our little portion came to Stamford, CT.
Our base was Christianity,
but we have never been closed to be around any faith,
and yes there have been atheist who worked with us at times.
We chose an unusual path;
to be completely part of wherever we lived.
We did not separate ourselves as so many "orders" do,
we remain fully part of everyday life around us.
This is not the easy road and it creates the struggles you read about here.
We were best known as "The community at St. Luke in Stamford, CT".
Our distinction was and ornate small silver cross we wore,
based on the caricature of St. Luke's symbol.
while we helped run  an emergence shelter,
a food co-op,
an after school program,
a clothing exchange,
a feeding program,
a counseling center
and a summer camp.
We lived with the people who we "ministered to",
 there was do distinction except that little cross.
We were under the Episcopal church
and had the distinction of being the "true inner city church",
 according to Desmond Tutu , when he visited Connecticut in the 1980's.
We lived and worked there for 7 years before moving on,
Still in Stamford, but in a different place, many times having the mentally handicapped live with us.
My commitment to my community is more real than any vow taken.
We take care of each other, though many times i wish there were more to us.
We look to be part of the struggles of those around us.
It is not easy,
it is a life of service
and sometimes,
just sometimes,
bright lights shine to us and give us hope.

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