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Sunday, December 1, 2013


i go to a small downtown church regularly,
it is comfortable for me,
as they are Anglican/Episcopal and are welcoming to other faiths.
I happen to have been raised Greek Orthodox
and so the incense and service are always familiar to me.
Today, during the sermon,
the priest cried,
he was speaking from his heart.
The one thing i dislike is that i am not joined by others in my household.
i have always felt that church should be a shared experience,
but this life, as it is,
takes time away from them
and it becomes difficult for them to stop for an hour.
i do not have that luxury,
i have to go.
Maybe it means i am an old man...
you know the joke?
old people go more often to church because they are cramming for the final exam...
but i enjoy it and always have...
it is not that a single day that is important,
they all are and for me,
they all should be lived as if it were Sunday,
some how respecting God and man.
That has been my day so far,
it is a good day.

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