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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Have you ever been correct about something,
that there is no way on this earth to "figure out"?
Without specific information,
but "feelings" to go by?
You ask, "Why is he talking like this?"
I talk this way because it happened just recently.
I did not know the details,
 but i understood the effects.
I guessed at what might occur
and while my guesses were largely wrong,
the one i "felt" was correct.
It is a bit scary, because i have others
and some of them have to do with me.
Other laugh at me
and tell me no one can know these things.
I reply; "this is true" and stay silent on the issue ever again.
Maybe these things are too much for one to carry.
I have seen it in others before and found it comforting to know,
though i was uncomfortable initially.
Well, as a scientist, i know we do not know everything,
that there are many realms we have not explored
and taken measurements.
I accept that we simply do not know everything,
that we can be wrong with what we do know.
I wait and see what will come.
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