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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

humbling experiences

we have some incredible neighbors...
yesterday, early,
one comes to do his way out of the snow
and cleans my area also.
the snow still fell.
Later some one else from the house,
comes to do our walk, to the door, again.
I am a bit quicker and get him some coffee.
The snow still falls,
later another child comes and does a path to the back yard,
asking only for hot chocolate...
i do make a good one.
Later another child is helping an eighty eight year old neighbor
and i give him Hot chocolate also.
The snow has finally stopped
and my neighbor's wife is cleaning of her car
and mine.
The last storm, one neighbor with a snow blower,
does all the sidewalks on the street.
I am Humbled by their gifts to me.
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