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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So many things going on,
some mistakes,
some not.
Some deliberate,
others by accident or in anger.
It will all come out in the wash.
Who am i?
but a tiny gnat to be squashed against the glass?
I do not know,
the hopeful ending of drama has come.
Will i be free?
Or will life continue its hellish ride?
Confusion, why not set it as anonymous?
No, i took ownership of my action
and the results are awful...
or maybe not.
Maybe it is just as it should be,
the ride will get jumpy,
but life goes on.
They are apart of it,
but others encourage me.
Too much emotion, i could not acknowledge.
Too much love i could not have.
A friend compared it to a Greek Comedy, where all, but the hero dies.
Too many bodies...
I did not burn the bridge today...
i blew it up,
trying to sever ties i should not have had.
No one will understand,
i do not want them to.
I do not want forgiveness,
i want their life to continue without me.
I lay in a place that switches between peace and anger and despair and all at once.
I will survive,
i always seem to, this i do not understand.

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