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Monday, February 10, 2014

what do you do?

That is the question,
when someone is living in a harmful place,
with more danger to come?
What do you do when the suggestions,
the encouraging words,
the cajoling,
the constant comments
have no effect?
When softness and kindness do not seem to work?
Do you do something,
that you know will be discovered as from you,
even though you know it could be done with out risk?
Do you take that risk?
Do you say, "someone is more important than what is thought of me"?
Do you say; "I will lose this , rather than have them risk harm"?
I did,
i would do it again.
It was not about an adult,
but a child.
Could i have done worse, f i were vindictive?
Yes, for i was told many secrets,
but my action was to move,
not to destroy.
I lose a friend,
a family,
a relationship,
for it is not understood,
but i am certain that it will be for the best
and good will come out in the end,
just without me.
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